Six Summer Skin Care Tips

Six Summer Skin Care Tips

Six Summer Skin Care Tips

It’s summertime, which means more outdoor activities where your skin will be more exposed to the sunlight’s UV rays. So here are few summer skin care tips to keep in mind.

Sun Safe

Have 99% to 100 % UV protection sunglasses for the delicate skin around your eyes, a wide brim hat that protects the scalp, ears and back of the neck from the sun and clothing that will protect your skin from the sun.


This one goes without saying, but when it comes to sunscreen make sure to apply the SPF 30+ broad spectrum 30 minutes before heading outside. Reapply every hour or two depending on how sweaty you get or if you are getting wet.

Protect Skin While Traveling

Traveling by car is a common way to be exposed to UV rays. Purchasing a transparent window film is a great protection method as well as keeping your hands on the wheel instead of having your arms outside. When traveling by airplane on a window seat apply sunscreen and close the shade to prevent the increased UV exposure that happens due to elevation.


Use a moisturizer daily. Dry skin isn’t only associated with the winter and can happen to some people after taking a dip in the pool because of the chlorine. You should be able to find many fragrance-free lotions for the skin that keep the skin moisturized.

Drink Water

Staying hydrated is important for the skin, especially in hot weather. Drinking water and eating watery fruits and vegetables such as watermelon and cucumbers is not only great for the skin but for your overall health.

Eat Healthy

Avoid fat and sodium filled snacks and opt for fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts for heather skin.

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