Skin Care After Tanning

skin care after tanning

Skin Care After Tanning

Tanning exposes you to damaging UV rays. Although tanning isn’t something we advocate, if you are tanning, it is important to ensure you are taking the right skin care steps.

Tanning beds usually have recommendations from the manufacturer on how to get the best results.

Nonetheless, whether you are a tanning salon or a lay on the beach person, we highly recommend you take these steps to protect your skin and get the best results.

Drink Water

Tanning can dehydrate the skin. It is important to drink a bottle of water right after a tanning session.

When drank, water doesn’t go directly to the skin. It first goes through the intestines, gets into the bloodstream, gets filtered by kidneys and then hydrates cells such as skin cells.


Cool your skin and replenish its moisture by applying moisturizer liberally right after a tanning session. Taking moisturizer to the beach or tanning salon is a highly recommended tip to make sure your tan looks healthier.

Don’t Overdo It

Tanning isn’t like cardio or weightlifting, which require frequency for better results. Allowing three to four days to pass between tanning sessions will prevent skin damage and even skin cancer. Don’t be fooled by the tanning salon that recommends frequent visits.

Sunless Tanning Lotion

Using a sunless tanning product can help keep a tan’s dark color longer. Sunless tanning product contains chemicals that helps do this without being exposed to those UV rays. It is important to exfoliate your skin first before applying.

If you applied too much sunless tanner you can use a depilatory cream to remove the color. Then apply the sunless tanner again to get the natural look you are trying to attain.

Like most things in life, showing up isn’t all you have to do to get the best results. In the case of tanning, making sure you follow these tips will ensure your skin maintains its health and stays glowing as long as possible.

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