Skin Care Do’s and Don’ts

Skin Care Do’s and Don’ts

Skin Care Do’s and Don’ts

Keeping your skin free from blemishes and acne is possible. Even if you’re tired of trying every skin care product that hits the shelves, or have religiously applied cleanser, toner and moisturizer every day. Taking care of your skin and keeping it beautiful can be accomplished with these do’s and don’ts.


Do: Remove your makeup every night before bed to let your skin breathe to prevent clogging your pores, which cause blemishes and blackheads.

Don’t: Forget to exfoliate your skin about two times a week to remove dead skin layers and keep your skin glowing, bright and healthy.


Do: Make sure you use sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 to avoid wrinkles and other skin conditions and is labeled ‘noncomedogenic’ or ‘nonacnegenic’ to prevent pore clogging.

Don’t: Skip sunscreen regardless of the weather, sunny, cold or cloudy. The point is to always protect your skin even if it’s from reflective surfaces like snow or ice.


Do: Eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in protein and vitamins to promote radiant skin.

Don’t: Eat unhealthy. Although this goes without saying, avoid spicy food, salt, citrus fruits and fried food to prevent oily or dry skin.


Do: Exercise a few times a week to promote blood circulation and body cleansing.

Don’t: Forget to perform your skin care routine before and after your workout by applying a toner before and exfoliator and moisturiser after.


Do: Sleep at least 8 hours a night. Your skin needs its rest.

Don’t: Go to bed without washing and moisturizing your face.


Do: Drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day. Hydration keeps the skin at tip top shape.

Don’t: Not know about rose water, which prevents eye puffiness and maintains pH balance.


Do: Use a cleanser with alpha hydroxy acid or beta hydroxy acid.

Don’t: Touch, play or pop your pimples. Doing so can only lead to redness, swelling and scars.


Do: Yoga, meditation or breathing exercises to manage and avoid stress, which can cause breakouts and oily skin.

Don’t: Let your jawline and facial muscles tighten up. Stretch and exercise them a few minutes a day by either pouting towards the ceiling or pulling out your lower lip until your chin has wrinkles and lowering your chin to your chest.

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