Skin Care Made Easy In 7 Steps

Skin Care In 7 Easy Steps

Skin Care Made Easy In 7 Steps

Having a good skin care routine takes a lot of work. Trying several skin care products to see which suits you best can become very frustrating. Worry no more. Here are 7 steps that will make your skin care routine a piece of cake.

Create a simple routine and stick to it

Whether it’s washing your face in the morning and night or removing makeup and then cleansing, make it a daily habit to stick to the routine every day for the best skin care results.

Find the right moisturizer for your skin

Prevent harming your skin by using the incorrect moisturizer, over moisturizing, or under moisturizer. Take the effort the find out your skin type and what moisturizer will work best for you.

Change skin care products with every season

It is recommended by Dr. Sejal Shah to pay attention to the texture of skin care products with different season. For example, summer calls for lighter moisturizers rather than heavier.

Eat healthy

Eating healthy isn’t only about weight, it actually affects the skin as well. Sugar for example is known for being bad for the skin. Foods with nutrients, collagen and antioxidants are great for the skin.

Take collagen

Collagen is a protein that maintains skin health. It is even more significant as we age as production of it within our body naturally slows down. Dr. Josh Axe recommends taking Multi Collagen Protein in the morning or at night before bed.

Pat dry skin

Instead of drying your skin by rubbing off moisture, pat dry. This will allow barrier cells to lock in moisture, making skin hydration an effortless task.

Always use sun protection

Always protect your skin from damaging UV rays with sun protection. Use sun protection products with the appropriate SPF for your skin.

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