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Tips for Dry Skin Care

While some people continuously have dry skin, others only have dry skin during certain seasons. Either way, dry skin can be itchy and uncomfortable. Not to mention, dry, ashy skin is unattractive and can make people feel self conscious. Some people experience dry skin no matter how much moisturizer they use. 

You want to do everything that you can to keep your skin looking great. This means you will need to go beyond moisturizing and concentrate on rehydrating and revitalizing your skin. 

skin care after tanning

Skin Care After Tanning

Tanning exposes you to damaging UV rays. Although tanning isn’t something we advocate, if you are tanning, it is important to ensure you are taking the right skin care steps.

Tanning beds usually have recommendations from the manufacturer on how to get the best results.

Nonetheless, whether you are a tanning salon or a lay on the beach person, we highly recommend you take these steps to protect your skin and get the best results.

Whitonyl for Skin Care

Whitonyl for Skin Care

Searching for a lightening and depigmenting skin care solution? With so many skin care products out there promising miracles, it is difficult to find reliable skin care products.

Whitonyl, an oligosaccharide fraction, can treat skin pigmentation disorders and brown spots and wrinkles caused by sun damage. Whitonyl contains xylose and galactose from palmaria palmata that are effective for controlling skin pigmentation. These are the steps whitonyl takes on the skin.

Buriti Oil for Hair and Skin Care

Buriti Oil for Hair and Skin Care

Buriti oil has many benefits when added to hair and skin care products. Buriti oil comes from fruits produced in buriti palm trees that you only find in the Amazon. It has been used for thousands of years to add moisture and shine to hair and treat aging skin. Brazilians actually refer to the buriti palm tree as the “Tree of Life”.