The 5 Best Fruits For Skin Care

The 5 Best Fruits For Skin Care

The 5 Best Fruits For Skin Care

Eating healthy isn’t only good for that waistline, it’s also great for the skin. Here are the five best fruits to incorporate if you want great skin.


Berries such as blackberries and blueberries have many antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage. Blackberries contain vitamin C and D, which are antioxidants that help battle UVA and UVB rays, rejuvenate skin cells, and detoxify the body. They also have a lot of water and fiber which helps maintain skin elasticity. Blueberries have the power to decrease skin redness. Blueberries contain vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese and phytonutrients which help fight oxidative damage, a symptom of aging. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce skin redness, dark circles under eyes and contain other properties that exfoliate and remove dead skin cells and prevent pores from clogging.


Lemons add flavor to your favorite foods and drinks and are used for indigestion, constipation and throat infections. Lemons also contain vitamin C, which boost the levels of collagen and citric acid which can treat acne and pimples. Alpha hydroxy acid found in lemon juice helps remove dead skin cells and are an ingredient in several anti-aging treatments. The best way to use lemons for your skin care routine is by creating a face scrub by mixing it with sugar. The sugar acts as an exfoliant.


Kiwis contain antioxidants, vitamin C and E, which protect against UV damage. Kiwis are loaded with vitamin C, which has always been used for battling dry skin and wrinkles.


Avocados are considered a superfood for their many great benefits. Loaded with antioxidant carotenoids, avocados protect your skin from fine lines, wrinkles and other symptoms of aging. They also have vitamin C. Need a skin care routine that is budget friendly? Avocados make the perfect face mask.


A study found that tomatoes have power antioxidants, specifically lycopene that protects the skin from the sun and aging. Lycopene in tomatoes can also neutralize harmful molecules and boost the level of protein procollagen, which is great for the skin. If you have wrinkles or signs of aging, then tomatoes are the perfect fruit to strengthen the skin, fight wrinkles and potentially reverse skin aging.

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