Tighten and Moisturize Skin Instantly With Sesame Seeds

Tighten and Moisturize Skin Instantly With Sesame Seeds

Tighten and Moisturize Skin Instantly With Sesame Seeds

Did you know sesame seeds can be used as a skin tightening agent? Sesame seeds have been around as a condiment for a very long time, particularly in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine. Sesame seeds contain tons of nutrients, vitamins and minerals making them one of the healthiest foods. Sesame seeds are used in Sesaflash — a patented molecular active ingredient that visibly smooths, tightens and hydrates the skin.

Sesaflash is highly sought and found in many anti-aging and moisturizing products, such as serums, foundations, face and neck care, eye contour, anti-fatigue, body care and decolletages. It is widely known for immediately smoothing imperfections of the skin, such as wrinkles and flabby skin.

The characteristics when using Sesaflash are as follows:

  • Gentle and comfortable when applying
  • Feel tightening effect in skin
  • Visible and measurable smoothing of skin
  • Skin moisturization effect all day long.

In order to test the benefits of Sesaflash, a full panel and evaluation was conducted and this was what was found.

  • According to a panel, 100% of panelists felt an immediate tightening effect after using Sesaflash. There is also clinical proof that its anti-wrinkle effect works immediately five minutes after application and the results are visible.
  • Women that used Sesaflash were evaluated based on sensorial effect felt five and 30 minutes after application. The results showed a 100% efficacy of firmer and smoother skin. Panelists also reported 0% uncomfortability when using Sesaflash.
  • Its moisturizing effect was evaluated through measurements done 30 minutes and two and four hours after application. It was found that Sesaflash works all day in keeping the skin moisturized.

As the proof shows, Sesaflash is an effective component to be found in skin care products when it comes to anti-aging. The other skin care benefits of sesame seeds you should know about are that they can prevent and treat sunburns, treat skin disorders such as athlete’s foot and vaginal yeast infections, can detox away toxins and prevent rashes on babies.

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