Tips for Dry Skin Care

dry skin care tips

Tips for Dry Skin Care

While some people continuously have dry skin, others only have dry skin during certain seasons. Either way, dry skin can be itchy and uncomfortable. Not to mention, dry, ashy skin is unattractive and can make people feel self conscious. Some people experience dry skin no matter how much moisturizer they use. 

You want to do everything that you can to keep your skin looking great. This means you will need to go beyond moisturizing and concentrate on rehydrating and revitalizing your skin. 

Rehydrating and revitalizing your skin doesn’t have to involve expensive products. There are a number of different tips that you can follow at home. That is right! You can achieve rejuvenated skin right from the comfort of your own home using inexpensive products that actually work and provide real time results you can see in the mirror. Simple tips can soothe your dry skin. 

Below are some useful dermatologist recommended tips to help heal your dry skin.

Avoid longer baths and showers:

When your skin is already dry you need to care about a few things. Limit your bath time to five to seven minutes. Better to use lukewarm water and avoid using fragrant soaps and cleansers. It is also good to use a good cleanser for skin care but avoid using too much of it. Gently pat your face instead of rubbing it with a towel.

Apply moisturizer after showers:

Good ointments, lotions and creams work by trapping good moisture in your skin. To trap this good moisture it is always better to apply a moisturizer right after you take a bath or wash your hands or face.

Replace lotion with ointment or cream:

Creams and ointments are more useful and less irritating than lotions. Purchase an ointment that consists of jojoba or olive oil. Other things that help dry skin includes urea, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, glycerin and petrolatum.

Always use lip balm to help dry lips:

Though, some healing lip balms can irritate your lip skin, but it is always good to take care of your lips with good natural lip balms. 

Use unscented skin care beauty products:

When you feel your skin is dry, you need to avoid using deodorant soaps, scented products and alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA). It is good to choose natural products for dry skin care.

Select non-irritating detergent:

When you purchase a laundry detergent, always choose the one labeled “hypoallergenic.” This will not irritate your skin. Also apply moisturizer after laundry.

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