Top Tips For Healthy Spring Skin

Top Tips For Healthy Spring Skin

Top Tips For Healthy Spring Skin

Winter weather goes from cold and dry to humid and moist in the spring. Your skin care routine must reflect the seasonal change.

Here are the top tips for healthy spring skin.

Exfoliating Scrub

It also smoothens impurities and eliminates clogged pores resulting in brighter and younger looking skin. Exfoliating scrubs are excellent for sensitive and acne prone skin.


Once winter is gone, you can expect more sunshine. It is important to wear at least 30 SPF when going outside, even if there is no sun. Protecting your skin from UV rays is important for maintaining healthy skin.

Have oily or acne prone skin? Look for sunscreen that says non-comedogenic and mineral sunscreens with active ingredients like zinc oxide.

Spa Water

If you’ve been to a spa, then you know the classic cucumber, lemon and mint water drink. This detox combo aids digestion, rehydrates and has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. All powerful effects that benefit the skin.

Eye Cream

Eye cream delivers the specific hydration the skin under the eye needs. It helps smooth out fine lines and strengthen delicate skin around the eyes.

Light Moisturizer

As mentioned earlier, the winter requires heavier moisturizer to battle dry skin. In the spring a lighter moisturizer is better to prevent greasy looking skin that can result from more humidity.

Natural Makeup

Use natural makeup instead of makeup with parabens and mineral oil. These ingredients can have negative effects on the skin. But like anything else that you apply to your skin make sure you test it first to see for any negative reactions.

Get A Spa Facial

Professional treatments like a spa facial work wonders. Going to the spa for a facial can provide your skin with great benefits that you wouldn’t be able to attain on your own. In the winter, the skin experiences dryness, which requires heavier moisturizer and lots of hydration. In the the spring, the skin’s natural oils come back into balance and exfoliation helps refresh and brighten your skin.

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