Turmeric For Acne

Turmeric For Acne

Turmeric For Acne

Turmeric a herbaceous root from southwest India that’s known as a spice for food and can be used for skin disorders such as acne.

Turmeric contains a healing ingredient called curcumin which has antiseptic, anti-cancer, anti-viral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and most importantly when it comes to acne, antimicrobial properties.

Acne inflammation is caused by propionibacteria, which is normal to have in your skin. A study showed that curcumin can reduce acne inflammation anywhere from 50% to 96%. It may also be able to reduce acne scars.

Other benefits of turmeric for the skin are:

  • Can heal wounds quicker than other methods
  • Can control psoriasis flare-ups and symptoms
  • Can help skin attain a natural glow according to this study
  • When combined with neem, it can treat scabies according to this study
  • May be able to treat various skin conditions such as eczema, alopecia and lichen planus

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