What Skin Care Benefits Do Blackberries Have?

What Skin Care Benefits Do Blackberries Have?

What Skin Care Benefits Do Blackberries Have?

Blackberries are the perfect fruit to add to your cereal in the morning or a smoothie. But did you know they have superb skin care benefits?

The following are the benefits of adding blackberries to your skin care routine.


Antioxidants in blackberries reduce the damage of cells free radicals cause, which are thought to be involved in the aging process. Blackberries contain a high content of antioxidants such as:

  • Ellagic acid
  • Gallic acid
  • Myricetin
  • Anthocyanin cyanidin-3-glucoside

The antioxidants in blackberries are so strong that studies have said they can prevent cancer. For example, Cyanidin 3-glucoside, has chemotherapeutic and chemo-protective activity.

Ellagic Acid

One of the antioxidants in blackberries, studies have shown that ellagic acid can prevent collagen destruction and inflammatory response caused by UV rays, which are responsible for wrinkles. It also fights the breakdown of elastin and collagen in the under eye area. You can find this antioxidant in other berries as well, such as raspberries, strawberries and blueberries.

Ellagic acid has also been shown to prevent cancer cells from forming.

Vitamin C and E

Vitamin C and Vitamin E content in blackberries are another great reason why it’s so great for your skin. Vitamin C produces and maintains collagen in the skin and neutralizes free radicals in the skin. Vitamin E maintains healthy fats since free radicals burn fat which can cause wrinkles. It also may be effective in reducing UV damage in skin. Combined, both can provide some great skin care results!

Vitamin C also provides an immune system boost and is known for fighting heart disease and maintaining cartilage, bones, and teeth. Vitamin E, on the other hand, may be able to prevent heart disease and help immune system function.

Blackberries make a strong case for being included in your skin care routine and it should be no surprise when you see them on an ingredients list or being vouched for by several influencers.

If you haven’t already, here are some ways to incorporate blackberries into your skin care routine:

  • Purchase one of our revolutionary products
  • Include them in your daily diet
  • Make a face mask with them

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